Francisco Javier Gonzalez Iglesias (CEO – FULLTIME)#MIBER

During the last 15 years Javier has been working on business development and partnerships on technological advice in different sectors.

Javier has already lunched a startup, MRM in Stockholm. Company specialized in cloud services for the small enterprises.

#MIBER, Master on Internet Business (MIB), in ISDI (Higher Institute for Internet Business Development) and Industrial Engineer (Specialized Business Administration) in UCIIIM (Carlos III University of Madrid).

Eduardo Peralta Palacios (UK – PART TIME) #MIBER

Eduardo works in finance. Always in front office, in areas such as client services, product specialist and sales. Eduardo is extremely data driven and customer focus. He has never performed a Marketing role, but he considers that is not and obstacle. Marketing nowadays is all about the user: client first, product that ads value, trying things analysing and, only then, do something. That is the way he has always worked like.

Business Administration Degree (specialised in Marketing), Master in Banking and finance, #MIBER, Passion for start-ups and online Marketing


He has been working during the last 10 years on ecommerce management tasks, involving programming for ecommerce platforms, team management and online marketing. He is also expert on digital hardware design and computer architecture working designing custom microprocessors for industrial applications.

Master on Internet Business (MIB,2013) in ISDI (Higher Institute for Internet Business), Telecommunications Engineer (2002), Computer Engineer (2008), PhD in Computer Architecture (2007).


Daniel has spent most of his professional career working as an investment banker in London. As an equity derivatives specialist he mainly dealt with Spanish financial institutions on capital markets transactions and advised on structured product solutions. Most recently he has moved into asset and wealth management.

Daniel holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from CUNEF and a Masters on Internet Business (MIB) from ISDI.


Angel loved internet from the beginning of 96´. Since then, he has ruled Internet companies including acquisitions from top players.

As CEO Bluecell, he runs campaigns flavored with content and technology. Being Journalist has helped to achieve direction roles in 1M sites such as elmundeporte.com (unidad Editorial) or defensacentral (#1FBLikes media in Spain). He also worked in other content/media sites as Elpais.com, Elmundo.es, Forbes, Abc.es, Publico.es or El timempo.co.com You can find him in his office from Madrid, Bogota or México.

EMILIO CASTILLO VILLAR (Front and Back End Developer – PART TIME)

Emilio currently works as a researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Moreover He also has been working at several well-known places such as the CERN in Switzerland, and Hitachi Ltd in Japan.

The skills he has been honing throughout his career are:
*High Performance Computing.
*Highly Scalable Systems.
*Distributed Computing.